Paddle for Awareness by Paddle BuddiesTM

Paddle for Awareness by Paddle BuddiesTM is a year-long campaign designed to raise awareness for twelve causes that we identified as important to our communities.  We have also identified and want to highlight twelve local organizations that are working to eradicate the issues, educate people and support those impacted.

12 Months – 12 Important Causes – 12 Local Organizations


February is Heart Disease Awareness Month


Playtopia, Inc. and The Play Experts are socially conscious organizations that work to bring people together through play and have designed the Paddle for Awareness by Paddle BuddiesTM initiative as our way of giving back and supporting our local communities.

Throughout the month, we work to increase awareness in a variety of ways including, providing reading materials and informational posters to areas and demographics considered high risk, helping to raise funds, collecting donated items for food pantries and other needs, sponsoring training and educational workshops, and disseminating ribbons to the general public to keep the discussion going. 

Our favorite way to support is by inviting the organizations we work with to take a break from the hard work they do to enjoy a fun day of leisure and relaxation, paddle boarding and kayaking on the beautiful waterways of West Lake Park in Hollywood, Florida.  Playtopia, Inc. designs the fun on land and The Play Experts takes care of the fun on the water.  Together, these Paddle Buddies, provide a customized paddle event for the people doing the work and the individuals they care for, all free of charge.

Every month, the staff from Playtopia, Inc. and The Play Experts, invite family and friends to paddle for awareness for 15 miles over 3 days, in hopes of raising funds for a designated organization.  Your financial support will make an impact and help save lives!

Paddle for Awareness by Paddle BuddiesTM monthly causes:

  • January – Human Trafficking 
  • February – Heart Disease
  • March – Multiple Sclerosis
  • April – Autism
  • May – Missing Children  
  • June – Gun Violence
  • July – Juvenile Arthritis
  • August – Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • September – Childhood Cancer 
  • October – Breast Cancer
  • November – Diabetes
  • December – HIV/AIDS